Can I take pictures for backgrounds from the Sims 4?

Hey! New creator here!
I searched through the forum and I noticed an article similar to this saying that there would be copyrighted issues. I guessed that was the case but what if instead of using the normal Maxis furniture, we use custom content? Will there still be copyrighting issues? Will I need to give CC creators credit? How is it supposed to work? I really want to create a custom background of my choice and I don’t really know any other way to achieve that in a simpler way than the sims.


I’d say no since the Sims would own the assets and also the copyright, not you. It’s also quite unlikely that they’d give you permission to use their assets in your story.

Your safest bet is the backgrounds from community creators (some require credit, some don’t) and also content from royalty free websites (no credit).


Hello welcome to the community as @schittwriter said you can’t use the bg of sim!!


Oh alright, that makes sense. Thank you so much. Where can I find those backgrounds from community creators by the way? Sorry if these questions are a bit annoying but I am new and do not really know where to start off. Thank you either way <3

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There are threads and creator on IG who have backgrounds. It really depends what you are looking for. If it just a simple living room then most creators have that but it might be something only a few do so if you give us an exact description of what you want it will be easy to point you in the right direction.

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Honestly, it’s no problem! We were all new at some point. (:

Here are a few background threads on the forums:

:cat_typing: HD Backgrounds & Overlays [Credit-Free] :blob_hearts:

:tulip: FlowerGriefer’s Backgrounds :tulip:

Official Background Sharing Thread

There are also backgrounds on Patreon by some users:
@amepisode @j.Miley @/Ck_artdesign (+myself).

There are also websites:

Products – Wincy Writes

Backgrounds | Episode Life

There are plenty of royalty free sites such as Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash, PNGtree, CleanPNG.

Lastly, there are many users on Instagram who have Drives which contains backgrounds that they’ve made. :relaxed:

Also, if you need to resize images or compress them, I recommend “Image Size” which is an iOS app (if not, then which is easy and useful + tinyPNG for compressing overlays so they can be uploaded to the portal. There’s also a website called “” if you want to remove white backgrounds and create PNGs/overlays.


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Thank youu. I don’t have anything specific in mind but I usually get inspiration from the backgrounds themselves. I would just like some general creators that are known for making backgrounds or overlays and hopefully that will later lead Instagram into suggesting more.

Oh my god thank you so muchhh <3

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No idea. :no_mouth:

Oh yeah, I think I know why. One of your links inside the post lead to a thread that I made.

Whaaaaaat. I thought that was supposed to be Wincy’s bg thread.

I guess you made a mistake. :man_shrugging:t5:

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