Can I use an overlay 2 times?

Hey, quick question: Can I use an overlay multiple times? like I want to use the school bus and I would need to use the cough multiple times.

you cant use the same overlay multiple times in one scene, you’d need to upload multiple of the same overlay, but you can use multiple different overlays in the same scene

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you don’t need to! you can just create the overlay again in the scene

&overlay CAT2 create from CAT

you just need to change its name

if you do this you’ll have two copies of the same overlay in the scene


Oh that’s amazing thank you!

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thats so cool I never knew that

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You can find information about duplicating overlays as well as other stuff here

Dara Amarie has amazing guides and templates

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Thank you so much! I will have a look at it. :kissing_closed_eyes:

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You’re welcome!

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