Can I use backgrounds from Pinterest?

Hey! So I have checked out a few threads about this and I did go on a few public domain websites and frankly I just can’t find what I want I’ve searched and searched and found nothing that matches what I want so I was wondering how can I use a background from Pinterest without it getting copyrighted?

If so how?

Hmm maybe you could ask the person who’ve posted it - if you could use it in your story (but I’m not sure if you’ll be able to find the person who owns it…but if you do, I think you should ask for their permission.) :blush:

I tried doing that I’m also wondering do you know how to tell if the picture is copyright free like basically no one owns it on Pinterest?

Hmm…I’m not so sure…

I recommend not using Pinterest. The sources are unreliable because a lot of the backgrounds on it look Episode but are actually from different interactive apps/anime/video games and therefore copyright.

Also sometimes people just download stuff from drives and upload on Pinterest without the creators consent.

Check out this thread it has a list of all background creators you can use their works no problem as long as you follow the rules