Can I use Pinterest bg for edits, character cards and splashes?

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Ok so, I had a character card request and some splash request so I showed her some backgrounds for the edit and she asked are this bgs copyright free and I know backgrounds from pinterest are copyrighted!

So can I use Pinterest backgrounds for my edits, character cards, splashes e.t.c.

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I don’t think that’s allowed, you should either create one like that yourself or use free ones :sweat_smile:


:astonished: okay

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Trust me creating a bg is hard :weary:

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If they weren’t originally from Pinterest and you can find them on other websites without any watermark or copyright and they seem to be put on Pinterest by users who don’t own the image then I see no problem. It just depends whether it is a bg 100% owned by the pinterest user and/or pinterest itself.


Ok thanks :blush:

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pinterst dont own anything though, same with google, its a share website.

also just because it is not watermarked, dosent mean its not copyright, actually copyright work that way when its uploaded its copyrighted, the rule is not has to say it is, it has to say its not, evrything uploaded is automatcly copyright

its the saw law there protects pictures of people, I dont know if you have something like facebook where you upload pictures, I bet you never thought to copyright them, because they are from the moment you upload.

If it whernt I could take your photo put it on an add or something.


I don’t know what point your trying to make here tbh but if you take a photo and distribute it on a social media platform, you legally have rights to it and complete ownership which means that people would have to legally have to credit you if they used your image in an advertisement, no matter where you posted it. That is why sources are used in articles.

Also, I didn’t say that things have to have watermarks to be copyrighted but just a sign that something may be copyrighted