Can I use these backgrounds...?

I highly doubt I can, but wanted to at least ask to make sure! Backgrounds like this from the Choices app, are they okay to use in our stories if we give proper credit?

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I downloaded that one, and they let me use choices

i guess it is ok to use.

@Indica @AMagic and @lanafrazer_episode :grin:

If they’re copyrighted by another app, then no, they are definitely not okay to use. Since Choices is also a competitor app, using their images in an Episode story is liable to get you into legal trouble.

From our Content Guidelines:

As Choices owns their backgrounds, using them without permission would be infringing on their intellectual property rights.

Hope that clears it up. :slight_smile:


ohhhhhhhh, okay. Awesome. :+1:t3: Thx @Sydney_H :grin:

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Oh my bad. Well good thing I didn’t use them