Can I use these backgrounds?

So I was wondering since I’ve been doing edits on Ibis paint x and there are some background on the app, can I use those backgrounds on my episode stories or not? I know you can’t use pictures with the copyright thingy, but I don’t know about ibis paint x backgrounds

Which background?:sweat_smile:

For example this one

I think you can use it, i don’t see a problem with it as long as it won’t get you copyrighted or whatever & if you got it from a person that does backgrounds just give them creds to whoever made the bg (only if u got it from someone, if they take creds.) Try it & see if episode approves it or not!<3

I think they’d accept it though because it looks like a normal episode background anyway in my opinion.

Episode has already approved it but I just now relized if it’d ok to use since I don’t know if it’s copyrighted

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Oh, then it’s okay to use.

Do you know the creator of the background or does the app just randomly provide it?

I think the app just provides it, I don’t know the creator

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Ok. You’re fine, you can use it.

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Okay thanks for the help!

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