Can i use this background?

So i got this nice dining room background from a interior design website. Is it okay if i use these cause it could be the interior designer or the website’s property? Episode approved it but will it be copyrighted?

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Im not sure why they approved it but not all companies have copyright on their product so I guess it’s fine if you use it ?

I see thank you!

Its fine, as i have used many backgrounds like these and i didn’t face copyright

As you can see, they have a clear copyright stamp which says All Rights Reserved.

So no it isn’t okay to use it. Episode aren’t responsible for checking for copyrighted images, hence why we have to check that box whenever we upload something.

Any images you use have to be free for commercial use, and just because some people get away with it, doesn’t mean all do.

It wasn’t so long ago that someone was called out for using a photographer’s images in their backgrounds, and so if you use these images, be prepared for the possible fallout if it comes to light.