Can I use ur characters to practice my edits-art?

Hi I’m fairly new to doing episode art-edits because I usually draw realistic people on paper. So if anyone can send me their character details that would be much appreciated :heart:


Here’s some to practice! Feel free to practice on both male and female.:heart: Can’t wait to see the result!

Thank you so much❤️

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Your more than welcome to practice using my character heres the details :grin:
Name- Christina
Body- Tan
Brow- Thick Flat
Hair- Beach Wave (Black)
Eyes- Upturned Feline (Black)
Face- Soft Heart
Nose- Perky
Lips- Classic (Terracotta)
Outfit Details: Punk Look Jacket, Edgy Boots, Black Shorts Onesie Top, Black Shorts Onesie Bottom, Diamond Heart Necklace, Small Fishnets, Black Boho Feather Earrings, White Metallic Stripe Bracelet

Also your more than welcome to change the pose and outfit just put the image just incase you needed it :blush:


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Thank you all for sending them but it might take a while to do them because I want to keep using them over and over again until I’m satisfied with the result I give you :slight_smile: