Can I use your characters? (Background characters needed)

Just like the title says I need some background characters in my story and they’ll specifically be used as characters at the boarding school my mc attends.

If you are okay with it you can send their details, names, character cards, and lmk if you want credit for your character or not.

All characters are welcome and if they use certain pronouns, are a specific religion, a specific sexual orientation, or have a personality already as a whole PLEASE feel free to add that as well so I can accurately portray them!

Thank you so much in advance!


Hi! Here is my character! Do you need the outfit or not? (You can obbviously remove the horns :smile:)

My Character

If you use it I don’t mind the of the personality trait:))


Ohh this sounds interesting! Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Name: Christine. Nickname: ‘Chrissy’. She/Her. I don’t know if this is the exact outfit, but feel free to change! :smiling_face:

Christine's Details

Body: Generic Body, Rose 03.
Eyebrows: Arched thick styled. Black Dark.
Hair: Long Updo Wavy Princess Braid. Black Dark.
Eyes: Deepset Almond. Brown Medium.
Face: Heart Soft.
Nose: Round Button.
Lips: Pink Warm Matte. Full Heart Pouty.
Freckles Heavy (00-03).


Thank you!

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Thank you!!

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Alt. Hair style Long Feathered
She/her; Bisexual; Catholic; Hispanic :mexico:

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Garner and Rachelle
he/him and she/her
Heterosexual, cisgender
Both science fiction & fantasy fans, comics, RPGs, gamers.

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I would LOVE it if you used mine!!