Can I write a harem story about concubines?

I wanted to write a concubine drama story etc. but I’m not sure if its against the guidelines as polygamy is illegal, and can be seen as promoting illegal activity. Thanks.


Just out of curiosity, I thought Concubines were not married to the emperor etc.?

Yes, but i’m trying to make a twist, i’m trying to merge several cultures its hard to explain.

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ahh ok.
If they aren’t married, It’s not illegal. I’m sure it’s fine if it’s not actually polygamy.

Also, Great Asra pfp btw :smile:

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I’m pretty sure you can write something like this, as long as what you include is within guidelines - no depiction of sex, no reference to orgies, etc.


Thanks guess I’ll start writing now. I also like the pfp, I think it is rather mystical ;D
Who’s your favourite character btw and which route did you enjoy the most?
And HBD if it is today!

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I see, thanks for answering.

Ahh thank you, It is my birthday today :smile:
Favourite was Julian’s route and My favourite character is Julian but I really like Lucio.

Good luck with your story, I hope it goes well :heart:

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You’re welcome.
I also really enjoyed Julians route, its joint first with Asta’s.
I started Lucio’s route and its really fun to play, and you see him in a completely different light from the other routes. I’d like to play Muriel’s next.

Thank you for the regards, I wish the same with your stories, xoxo.

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I’m pretty sure you can write something like that.

If you don’t mind, do tag me when it comes out!!


For chinese, the concubines were married to the emperor and for Qing dynasty, they can’t remarry even if the emperor dies.

Usually the emperor will have a legal wife and multiple concubines.

Idk about other countries though.

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