Can I write about this?

I’m thinking of doing a story where the MC accidentally gets pregnant so she decides to get an abortion. She’s 17 at the time, and she’s a character in my current stories so I wanted her to have a story…is it possible?


Yes, you can. Just some advice, there are many stories which include that trope. I’d suggest making it a bit different, but that’s completely up to you! :blob_hearts:


Great, cool!
And really? At that point she’s been with her bf for a year and when he finds out he wants her to keep it.
…how could I make it different?


In that situation it’s fine, but when you said she found out she was pregnant, it was difficult to understand your storyline. As many authors have used that as a twist, but if your character is in a relationship, it’s alright, don’t change it!(:

Ah got it. Thanks! :relaxed:

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No worries, lovely :kissing_closed_eyes:

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Yes, it’s fine to write about that.

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Yes, you can (and should) write about it. However, some things to keep in mind:

  • Research. All stories require some sort of research, but especially with difficult topics like this, I think it’s important that you describe the scenario as realistically as possible.
  • That said, I think you also have to keep in mind that some people may not feel comfortable reading about it, which means that it would be well-advised to include trigger warnings describing what you’ll talk about. And of course, you’ll have people who are very strongly opposed to the whole story concept, but as long as the story is well done and well researched, I wouldn’t let them stop you.

Good luck, and hope that helped.

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