Can it rain outside windows?


is it possible for a hard rain animation to be added to this background? Outside the windows? I also wanted it to look gloomy outside, but havent came across any thing that suggest that you’re able to do that…

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You would have to add this background as an overlay and remove the windows…or at least the glass part of it, make it (PNG AND TRANSPARENT) and use the city backgrounds to replace the erased city bg and then add your own rain overlays because you can not layer rain from episode.

Rethink the scene or save the “rain” seen for a better mood. Its honestly not worth it, because you can not layer Rain, and since its such a small window and it Sunny outside. Just no. And this is coming from someone who loves advanced directing. Even if we aren’t the same. :joy: :blob_hearts:

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well… i tried lol :pensive: :sob: thank you

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