Can labels and gains go to the next episode(s)?

I’ve written a few stories on here, but I want to make a really good story with branches. I have a sort of solid plan to make the branches, but I don’t know how to code. Here’s the basic story so far:

MCs gets kidnapped and has to get a job out of two choices. They find items to help them escape. They may or may not find all the items. I also want to branch out different routes/ways to escape. I want them to either escape or not be able to, depending on the items they do/do not collect.

I’m using this guide to help me with it, but I’m not sure how to do it exactly. Should I use labels and gains? How should I organize it? Do labels and gains go over to the next episode(se)?


Use this guide.

Labels and gains are 2 separate things. A label is something you use to jump to a certain spot in your script, in which case you would need a “goto” to jump to that label.

Gains are what you need to remember choices and yes flags/gains get carried throughout other episodes.

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