Can moderators go and see our personal messages?

hey so i was having a discussion with my friends and i mentioned (@) a episode forum moderator cuz thats what we were talking about. she told me that mods can see into pms when someone @ them or if someone flags a post.

me being the skeptic i am decides to make a post about it :clown_face::clown_face:

so can moderators (such as @Sydney_h @Nick @Melani3 ) see our personal messages if we flag someone there or @ them personally?

idk maybe like @lanafrazer_episode or someone else can help me too- uH


Just moving this to Site Feedback real quick since it’s about the forum. :wink:

And the answer is: yes to one, no to the other. If a post in a PM is flagged, we can see it; however, just tagging us in a PM won’t summon us. You’d have to add us to a PM before we can see it. :smiley:


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