Can people fill out this poll for me and answer this question

Question: Which girl should be Sierra’s daughter?
(This is Sierra)

Option 1: Jen

Option 2: Teah (Teah already has a mom named Kiera. But I can delete her)

Option 3: New Daughter character
(If possible can somebody make one for me?)

  • Jen
  • Teah
  • New Daughter character

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hard to say :thinking: who is the father?

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That’s the dad.

so Jen looks the best one of the 2 (atleast for me) the only problem I have is that jen has blue eyes and none of the parents have them. this seems kinda unlogic maybe change them to green or black?

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so are we not gonna talk about the fact that that is literally @lvqbrl? who is married to the wonderful @The_Corgi_Queen who are both not with this?


Nope, the dad would be @The_Corgi_Queen : )


I made her eyes blue because Jen could have inherited them.

That’s funny!

what’s funny is this lawsuit comin your way :crazy_face:


I didn’t mean it! Please, no lawsuit!

Anyway, so Jen is now Sierra’s daughter! And she has a half-sister! Named Chloe!
This is Chloe!

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@Sydney_H please close this thread.

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Closed by OP request. :wink: