Can some help me with the coding?(URGENT!)

Can someone tell me the example of how the choice for dress format looks like. Im kinda syruggling,i keep on getting an error at the part after dressing and giving the choice to if the chosen outfit is perfect or to try something else. I get a choices must follow “dialog imeddiatly” error. Maybe im using the wrong coding format cuz i havent coded for a while and dont know if its cuz of a new update or something. Just in case if you guys were wondering, i did the coding from joseph evans video on 2016 which was on ink style. If this is happening due to an update let me know how to fix it😊

That usally mean you dont have text before the choice a narration or a charatere need to say something right before the choice like this

What shall i wear

“Dress” {

“Pants” {


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Ohhh that makes sense

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Thankk uuu for your quick help, i really appreciate itt. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:You just saved my life :rofl: