Can some make me a cover. or give me a rewiew


my story is called retrace

i am kinda done with the first chapter in my story. and wanted to hear if someone would tell me what they think of it. it is not published yet. so it is a free read for you. and please only look in chapter one cause i have not at all worked on the other chapters. it is just the lines of what is going to happen. so i have the entire story and do not hit a writer block

i still need to make the cc. sound and speachbubbels. and I have not to look it over on the app

i also need a cover for it. cause I have no idea myself about what i want it to look like. i kinda thought about a mirror effect between the back then characters and now, but don’t know how to make it

I placed the story under mystery. do you think its a mystery story?

and also thanks to whoever there wanna help


i can make your cover!:heart: pm




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