Can some make these photos bigger?


The photos that I need in my story are to small… I always get an error, because it’s not 640 pixels wide and 1136 pixels tall. So please, make these images bigger if you know how…



maybe @ChayChay can help you


Give never a few mins and I’ll make all of them the size they need to be. I’m eating


Or u can go to “simple image resizer” and resize them there


@ematarut these are 2 zones now… you will have to click on them let them load then save them in order for them to be the right size… they are 1280x1136 doing the rest now


And these are 3 zones 1920x1136


Lyu can go to simple image resizer!

Next time, I recommend posting this in either Directing Help and Tips, or General Chat.


Went ahead and moved this topic to Art Resources as you are requesting art assistance.