Can some one help me with adding a bouns sceen

Can’t wait to read it.

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Code Here!



@QUEEN QUINN stands x position AND faces y AND does z animation
@ZANDER stands x position AND faces y AND does z animation

@ZACHARY starts think_rubchin

Please listen to my story…

label listen_to_quinn

BONUS SCENE: Listen to the story and learn more about Queen Quinn’s past!

choice (listen_to_story)

<GEMS:8>”Yes, I want to listen to the story!”{



}”Nope, I’ll pass!”{


Are you sure you want to pass up this | bold | bonus scene?


“No, take me back”{
goto listen_to_quinn

}”Yup, I’m passing it up!”{
Your loss!

Everything you’ve highlighted in your script will go where I told you to put your scene! Hope this helps! In the template, you can keep Zachary and Queen Quinn where they are at the beginning of the scene, and then while she’s telling the story move the around as you like!

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So I have an error it’s an X by 1483 “No, take me back”{ can you look at it and help me please?

do a back space between No take me back and choice

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it didn’t work so question am I doing a backspace in front or behind this (“) or the (N) in No because I went in front of this (”) and did the backspace and it didn’t work so I will try in between the (" N) and see if that work.

nether is working.

The script should look like this
“No …”

Back space before the “

Or I think you’re missing a }

Could you send a screenshot of the whole choice code?

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So the Choice code was so long I made it in 3 parts. Hopefully you understand my coding.

I found your errors, you have 2 kinds, the space and missing {

Your choices look like this :
Screenshot 2024-07-12 10.37.25 AM

It should look like that, take out the spaces between the choice text lines and the choices.
Screenshot 2024-07-12 10.37.18 AM

And second, there’s a missing { at line 1525 after “No, take me back”

Hey, thank you, for taking the time to help me guys are so awesome. So the first error I don’t know where you see in the script screenshot I shared can you let me know what the number is “I Understand And Accept Those Terms.” { I don’t have this in my story so if you saw it in my screenshot can you kindly tell me what line # I can find and fix it. and can you show an example of how I am supposed to write it out? Once again you and ellabella4 are awesome.

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Screenshot 2024-07-12 2.08.48 PM

Screenshot 2024-07-12 2.08.20 PM

take out the space at line 1524 and 1421

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It worked thank you so much.


So sorry I couldn’t help you out! @Sol-i was amazing though! Thanks!


No prob🫶


You both are awesome thank you both for helping me I am having trouble with bringing a person up slowly like a tall person bringing a short person up to them to be face to face how do I code that?

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@CHARACTER walks to spot 0.000 000 111 in time AND CHARACTER does it while animation (default is usually idle)
The 111 is the one you need to change to make the character go up or down

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Let me share with you what I coded its not working so can you show me and example of what you where saying.

ZACHARY (talk_evil_celebrate)
And we will get rid of who ever we want to.

@speechbubble is 57 384 to 47% with tail_bottom_right
ADDISON (talk_flirt_squint)
Oh I love u
@ZACHARY is idle_awkward_scratch_loop
@zoom on 211 568 to 165% in 0

@ADDISON spot 0.910 121 132 in zone 1 at layer 2 AND ADDISON faces right

@ADDISON spot 0.910 121 157 in zone 1 at layer 2 AND ADDISON faces right

@ADDISON spot 0.910 151 190 in zone 1 at layer 2 AND ADDISON faces right AND ZACHARY faces right
@ZACHARY is kiss_makeout_rear
@pause for a beat

&ADDISON spot 0.910 121 132 in zone 1 at layer 2 AND ADDISON faces right

@ADDISON walks to spot 0.910 121 157 in zone 1 in 1.5 AND ADDISON faces right AND ADDISON does it while idle