Can some one help me with an edit?!

Can teach/help me figure out how to do custom poses for edits? I have tried before but I don’t really get it. Any help is appreciated!

I always begin with looking for a pose reference so I don’t get confused. I then take a screenshot of the face (in the character display, I usually zoom in) with the face expression I want but make sure there isn’t like a hand visible or something. Otherwise you might need to cut the expression out and paste it on the idle animation. (like in the picture below)

Then I usually look for the body parts I need starting from the top to already get them on a realistic height. I also prefer body using body parts that are easy to cut out and without like a hand in front of it. I like to use the beatbox_eyes_closed animation to cut out the legs. (Don’t ask me why the short suddenly turned blue, I have no clue)

Paste it and move/turn it to the position you want, it will go with trial and error. Don’t give up though, eventually it will work out. Cut off the sharp edges to make it look smoother.

Once you’ve done that you can start to shade it but that’s not necessary. It just adds the final touch on top of it. Adding shadows and lighter spots make it look a bit more realistic.

And last but not least, adding a background.

This is the best explanation I can give at the moment. If you still have any questions you can always ask me! (:


I follow these YT links and they’re really helpful for me! So I hope they will help you too :blob_hearts:

Link down below :point_down:

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