Can some one help me with this code

i don’t know if this is the right place but can someone help me with this code

    ZOE GREYSON (scream_angry)
Leave me alone.

@ZOE GREYSON spot 1.037 239 123 in zone 1 and ZOE GREYSON does it while run_neutral_loop_rear
@follow ZOE GREYSON to screen left in zone 2
@ZOE GREYSON walks to spot 1.001 239 121 in zone 3
@cut to zone 2
@ZIEN GREYSON faces right
@zoom on 487 333 to 195% in 0
@speechbubble is 114 376 to 106% with tail_bottom_right

what’s the error?

she dose not walk out right it look she jumps in away

i think this is right

@CHARACTER walks to spot (whatever) in zone 1 in (however long you want) and CHARACTER is (animation)

obviously put your characters name in it and the spot and animation etc

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thanks you that worked

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