Can some one pls help me

hey i need help i want to upload this script by nrext tuesday but it says there an eerror

if someone can help me

Can you please show the script here?

Are you able to take a ss of your script where the error is and what error it is ?

yeah here it is

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can you see the photo

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On line 165 add a space between CHARACTER1 and (talk_stemware_angry) so it looks like

CHARACTER1 (talk_stemware_angry)

let me know if this works if it does it might say line 170 has a error too , just add a space like u did before and it should work

I’m also new to coding so I might be wrong but when I did it on my side it worked .

You have quite a few errors.

Line 163, remove "@CHARACTER1 from that line.
Delete line 164, so that line 165 is right under line 163

Line 181, you’re missing “is”, or if you want a character to walk while doing that animation, you need to do “@CHAR walks to screen center and CHAR does it while walk_angry_loop”

Line 187, not sure what you’re trying to do? You can’t make a character walk to a background.

Here are some guides to help you:


hey i need help again sorry

What do you need help with?