Can some one tell me how to lock?

Hi guys I need two coding help
How should I lock my story I wanna revamp it.
Plus how do I add check point coding in my script


Test on the app as opposed to the web previewer if you want choices remembered and points to carry over into more episodes. Reset story progress when you re-test the story again. You should keep a notebook with you and keep track of the points as you collect them.

You will also find them here in Story Modifiers (you can also manually assign points to test out options):


Ha ha, yes, I blurred out a few of the names 'cause they were umm, strange, I shall say :flushed: * lost 10 points

From: HOW TO: Reset Story Progress + Bonus Stuff :blob_sun:

Dear I want to put that for my readers at the end of the chapter how do I do that

Can u give me proper loop lock coding it’s but difficult to understand

Try something like this, switching the bg to whichever one you want to use, and adding preferred dialogue:


label locked_chapter
This chapter/story is currently locked.
It’ll be available to read soon.
Stay tuned!
This message will continue to repeat itself.
goto locked_chapter

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So you want to show your reader how many points they have?

You mean you want to show the readers the points they’ve scored? Then you need to go to “edit characters” on the writer’s portal, select the character for whom you’re storing the points, copy the numbers at the end of the webpage url in the address bar and past it within square brackets “[” “]” within a dialogue.

Or you can go through this guide:

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?? means


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