Can some please give me a good story idea for a story I'm writing?

Hello, I really want to make a story, but idk what it should be about. So can some please give me one in the comments or pm me? I want the genre to be either Fantasy, Drama, or Mystery. The style will be INK. So if you have a good story idea just comment the Title, Description of the story. And I’ll pick the most fun one :slight_smile:

For fantasy writing prompts you can try looking here :thinking::blush::

Mystery Idea
MC (gender and name of your choice) has problems. No need to tell them though. they already know. They live in a run down house outside of town with their bro/sis and aunt/uncle because their parents died sometime ago. The MC has no friends but the acquaintances that have suddenly popped up in their life keep going missing. This draws the attention of detective _______. Detective _____ suspects the MC of kidnapping and even…murder. Yes, your MC has problems and now they’re about to get a whole lot worse…

You catch your girlfriend grinding and making out with a popular guy at a party. The next day, your girlfriend dumps you for the same guy your ex-girlfriend left you for. So now both of your ex’s are fighting over the popular jock. You and the most popular but nice girl in school have chemistry but she denies it because she’s secretly being abused by her current boyfriend. The guy whose beating her is having an affair with your best friend’s sister. And…you can go on from there lol

(i’m horrible with Titles :joy: )

Story idea:
Welcome {NAME} to ruby brooke! I’m the mayor of this sweet little town, we don’t get many visitors but we are glad you found us. Enjoy a FREE night at the motel down the street. We hope you’ll stay for a long time
:cherry_blossom: {NAME} was on their way to visit the grand canyon when they took a drastically wrong turn and stumbled into the small town of Ruby brooke (named after their strangely red colored brooke) with no gas and it being pitch black outside, they are forced to stay the night.

not sure where to go from here, ig that’s up to ya :smile: