Can some PLEASE help me?

Hello everybody! So I am currently writing a new story and I am really lost at the moment…
I have 2 ‘background’ characters that are supposed to talk to each other but I wanted them to be relatively close to the screen, in a way where you can only see their torso and a small portion of their legs. So I opened the app and searched for their coordinates, after I resized and moved them and then wrote the numbers down and this is where I stumbled upon a problem.
I wrote this: “@AGATHA spot 1.374 34 -181 AND DAVE spot 1.460 130 -216 AGATHA faces right AND DAVE faces left AND AGATHA is talk_preen AND DAVE is eyeroll” but it keeps giving me a warning saying that what I wrote is not a valid directing command. Any ideas what I am doing wrong? I am really frustrated since I checked for any kind of spelling mistakes (but found none) and I also checked if I wrote a command wrong (but again, found none)! I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE ANY KIND OF ADVICE! :frowning:

You need an “AND” before AGATHA faces right :slight_smile:

Oh my God, I can’t believe I actually missed that. Thank you so so so much! :raised_hands::heart:

can you help me? i do not know why there are a error…

The error says it all, you need to capitalize the first letter of the dialogue

why there is again a error :frowning:

You need a name of the character:
AND MIRI faces right

sorry that I ask a lot but what I need to do that they hug?

Make Bella walk to spot and then

@BELLA walks to spot % X Y THEN BELLA faces right AND BELLA is hug_rear AND BELLA moves to layer 2 AND LINDA is hug AND LINDA moves to layer -3

thanks! I have a question because The customize label BELLA_avatar_0 is right ( I have seen this by a youtuber but why does come this?

Hey … I have a question … if I press customize on customize gray instead of black …? why … (in the girl too) I have just taken the script template episode has provided: C
! fehler|690x286

Yes, that’s the error in their templates. Delete them both and use Dara’s templates(contains all the features) make sure you credit her!

why? i saw others youtube videos and the dont had a lot of numbers but I try it to enter this and I dont see the overlay DONUT …

what can I write down? (but it has to be above the overlays)

What do i need to writ that shes walk rear to the bed and do sit with legs up?

@BELLA walks to spot 1.092 177 126 in 2 AND BELLA does it while walk_rear THEN BELLA is idle_sit_legs_up AND BELLA faces left

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I want if she walks into her room that she is on the laptop but if she is sitting under her hands under the laptop layer … what should I write?
please write it down.
(overlay name is COMPUTER)

@overlay COMPUTER to layer 4 AND BELLA moves to layer -4 (so she’ll be behind the laptop)

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I want that @JACY put the shoes from @BELLA off but if i do this then bella has the whole episode no shoes on… what i need to enter?