Can some please make me a profile picture

I need a profile picture for Instagram if someone can make me one ill be graceful forever

Here is my details
Skin color: Gold 03
Brow:Arched Natural Scar
Hair: Long Curls and color Brown Black
Eyes: Monolid slender and color Hazel
Face: Diamond Defined contour
Nose: Round Broad
Lip:Full Heart pouty
Skin: Taupe
Brow: Defined Natural
Hair: Fishtail Braid and color Fawn
Eyes; Upturned Luxe Color: Blue
Face Soft Heart
Nose: Soft Natural
Lip: Classic Color: Idc

Is whatever you want it to be but i want wolf ears tho

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I can do one for you!

Can you maybe send me an outfit? And what pose should she have? :sweat_smile: Do you prefer ink or LL?

Sorry it took me so long to reply I just now check it but here go and the blow kiss and can you add wolf ears that would be awesome

Sure! It will take me so 2/3 days!

Thats fine and thanks you

Should the wolfs ear be on her ears or like a costum she is wearing?

Like a costume

If you still need one, I can make it.

I have someone making me one but if you can I need 2 covers for two my stories

Sure, You can request at my art shop…

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I hope you like it. Please credit me by @Samantha79. I can change things if you want. :blush:

I love it but I can you add a nose ring I forgot to say add a nose ring and thank you so much

Yeah I will do it later.