Can somebody change this into a JPG

So I have this overlay that someone made for me, (If you see this tysm again) but it’s a PNG not a JPG and I can’t upload it unless it’s a JPG and I don’t know how. Is it possible for someone to turn it into a JPG?



maybe I’m confussed right now but overlays are alway png right ?
anyway here it is in JPG


So… wait…
Let me guess, it’s not working because now it has white behind it and it’s not transparent anymore right?
The difference between PNG and JPG is that PNG pictures have the ability to be transparent (which is what you want when it comes to overlays.) JPG pictures can’t be transparent so… I doubt the problem is that It isn’t JPG but that the file might be too big or something (the picture has too many pixels maybe)?
Am I wrong

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IDK, My computer has just been weird lately, and it only let’s me upload JPG not PNG. I’m in the middle of trying to fix it, but that’s what happening rn