Can somebody do me a cover for my most recent story? (CREDITS WILL BE GIVEN)

Hello my dears!
I want to ask if someone is willing to make me happy by making me a cover. :smiley:

Character details:

The outfits:
Lidia’s outfit:
Striped Jumpsuit Silk Blouse
Open Button Pleated Skirt Cotton
Ankle Tied Strappy Heels Leather White
Snake and Rose Tattoo Ink Multicolor

Harry’s outfit:
Blazer Tux Shiny Crew Neck Silk Black
Skinny Slacks Cotton Grey Black
Classic Pleather Oxfords Leather Off Black
Scar cheek X (04-07)
Studded Metal Rimmed Earring Metal Grey Black

The story is called:

The description:
You are playing as a billionaire woman who’s getting into trouble. Are you sure you can handle this heart breaking journey? Stay tuned!

Pose inspiration (But I’d like them to look in their eyes. I hope this isn’t that hard😆)


I thank anyone who’ll look over this post and trying to help me with this!

~Vevellynee :heart:

Found it!

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I will try my best, and hopefully I will have it done in the next couple of days? The pose may be a little tricky but I’ll give it a go :blush:

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