Can somebody edit this background?


I was wondering if somebody could edit the background EXT. CAIRO STREET - NIGHT for me.

All I really want is for it to look fairly destroyed, and some parts on fire; like a civil war has broken out.

If anyone could do this I’d be so so so grateful! Thankyou!


I can always try, when do you roughly want it by? It might not be done by then, but should be around there. (Or earlier)


I can help you out. @Megan15


Hey! I made the background, I hope this is how you wanted it :smile: I also made overlays in case you want to add them to it…
NOTE: If use overlays or the background I edited, would you mind giving credit to my Instagram @stories_of_jane



I made this. I can switch it around if you want. Hope you like it! :relaxed:


I can make you overlays of some of the effects I added in the edit if you want, so just ask. :slight_smile:


Somebody has already made one for me, but thankyou so much for your help!


Thankyou so much! :smiley:


Thankyou!! :sunglasses:


No problem, thanks for choosing mine :smile:


@Ryan could you close this please?


You’re welcome! :blue_heart:


Also, could you give me credit if you do use it? I’d just like you to say something like “background credit goes to meadowh on the episode forums” or something. Thanks!


Hello @Megan15, this is Sydney the Moderator.

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Of course!


Oops, my bad :woman_facepalming:


Yeah of course!