Can somebody edit this for me?


It’d be great if someone could edit this to make the hand a fair skin color and replace the phone screen parts with this:

but in portrait, since it’s in a landscape-ish format (the ombre background, I mean)

just put that on the screen, and I’ll do the rest. Thanks if anyone wants to attempt this, and also, if it isn’t a PNG already (and I mean transparent PNG), please crop it to that so I can put it over a background!



go here


Thanks, but no thanks. I don’t want to request for this on another topic/thread, I would like for someone to attempt to do this on this thread only. :slight_smile:


Okay I will send you it on this






bump! really need some help here


did request it




Do you still need this?


Yeah. :slightly_smiling_face:


Send the details


Would you like me to do it?


Sure, that’d be great!

@linalilly10 The details are in the first post!


Do you want all the phone screen replacing, or just the bit in black?


All of it :slight_smile:




Thanks so much, it’s exactly what I wanted! If possible, do you think you can crop it to a png?


i can


Is that better?