Can somebody help be with this? (ZOOM)

I Honestly don’t know how i’m a supposed to work this.

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You can either do it on a character or spot zoom. To zoom on a character, just do @zoom on CHARACTERNAME to Z% in T

(Z = Zoom, T = Time) (Change CHARACTERNAME to your character’s name)

To spot zoom, you just need to use the helpers tab and use the focus and zoom tools, which corespond with the box underneath the preview, so you can just press copy and then paste it into your script.

If you want more detailed zooms, you can use the tools such as easein, easeout, easeinout, easebounceout, easebouncein, etc. by putting “using” after the spot zoom and then the type of zoom you want. Hope this helped because I’m extra. :sweat_smile:

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Thank you! This helped a lot!!

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