Can somebody help me create a cover?

I am so gonna regret this, i feel like i am begging. But could somebody please help me create a cover for my story? I am absolutely rubbish and clueless about photoshopping and this kind of stuff.
If somebody is willing to take this challenge, please let me know. Take your time, I don’t need this cover very urgently because my coding skills absolutely suck.

I can! Please follow me on Instagram so we can discuss what you want on the cover… my Instagram is; @mindy_epsiode


I am quite busy with my life, and i need to get used to the writers portal first. I will follow you if i can in my spare time, thank you so much!

Hello! I would love to help you with covers as well, and even your coding if you’re willing to let me do so! Just message me and I’ll see what we can do~

Heya! I can make a cover for you if you still want to.

Sorry i haven’t replied for a while…
I just need some help to make a small cover please!

Actually, thank you all for your help, i don’t need a cover anymore… thanks
Can someone pls close this thread or something

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: