Can somebody help me out with my error? I can't have one characer immedetialy following the other?

 SARAH (sigh_disappointed)
Did you get even fatter [FIRSTNAME]?

    PHOEBE (talk_argue_angry)
No, I'm pregnant!

    KELLI (laugh_giggle)
That says every fat person, Right Tessa?

    TESSA (laugh_crackup
Yes, I agree with her.

    SARAH (laugh_crackup)
Me too.

    ROY (laugh_giggle)
Same for me.

    PHOEBE (talk_confused_mindblown)
What did i ever do to you Sarah?

    SARAH (scream_angry)
You f*cked my dad.

    PHOEBE (cry_sniff_sad_loop)
He forced me to Sarah I didn't want too, That's why I'm pregnant.

    SARAH (talk_accuse_angry)
My dad would never do that you br*t, Punch her Roy!!!

    ROY (punch_fight_give_angry)

    PHOEBE (punch_fight_receive_angry)

    ROY (punch_fight_give_angry)

    PHOEBE (punch_fight_receive_angry)

    ROY (punch_fight_give_angry)

    PHOEBE (punch_fight_receive_angry)

    PHOEBE (fall)
She passed out guys!!!! Fast let's go to my place before somebody sees us!

The erros says i can’t have one character immedaitly following the other : (


Is it on Roy 's line?
Then you need to write like–>
ROY (animation)
(O should be small not captial🤔)


I think it’s because you’ve put a capitalised No on the line straight after and it looks like another character instead of speech.


thanks it worked !


How can i delete this topic?
Sorry I’m a newbie


You can’t, but you can ask @Jeremy or @Sydney_H to close it :slightly_smiling_face:


ah thanks! SOrry i have one more question to ask, How can i only want to show a animation for example: a punch but without my character saying something


@CHARACTER is animation


Obviously the animation name goes where “animation” is and your character’s name goes where “CHARACTER” is.


ohmygosh you helped me so much thank you so much <3


Absolutely no worries :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, you can use @CHARACTER is insert_animation
@CHARACTER starts insert_animation