Can somebody help me with an overlay gun?

Okay so I’ve seen it in some stories but does anyone like have the overlay where like a person is directly holding a gun, for example a guy is a holding a gun to a girl’s head directly. YK? or their holding a gun to their back. Something like that.

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It’s a prop :slight_smile:
@add Handgun to CHAR
@remove Handgun from CHAR
Also check out this thread for more info :slight_smile:
A Complete List of Props and How to Use Them (Hidden Props Also!)

That’s not what I meant. I already know it’s a prop and I know how to use it it’s just I want it to be used specifically how I want it, you exactly point a gun to a person’s head like how I want it

what do you think about this?

If you mean something else just tell me

If there’s no animations you can use you will need to use overlays

spot direct so theyre closer

Well yeah lol not like that tho it’s so hard to explain than I thought. Like i need an overlay where like where the guy arm is bending, pointing a gun at a person’s head. lol

If you want me to do that I need the char skin tone

like give me an example of you’re char

My character is tan and he has tattoos

Shame I have Tan arm in my google drive but not with tattoo :persevere:

this? yes it’s not the best I know but at least it’s something?

I think this one is a bit better

output-onlinepngtools%20(2) well now you have some options if you wanna use them can you credit me on insta ? @episodexloverxrebecca

Wait i meant something like this. See how she’s holding the gun with bending her arm. I need something like that

but you want the guys hand to be bended like that right ? so you can put it against the guys head?


I just rembemberd that for that I need to move the females hand and if I want to do that I need her skintone can you send me it please