Can somebody help me with how to add backgounds to my story?


I want to start a story but i am new and it is really confusing with the directing.


Its simple. Go to art catalog and select the required background. Copy the name below it and paste it on the script. :slightly_smiling_face:


I have tried that but it gives me an error


Can you take a screenshot of it?


Scroll it sometimes the background name is big and it gets in two or three lines but we only copy the first line and then gives an error


Or you can post your script if you can’t take a screenshot…:blush::blush:



You should start it with
Episode - 1

(specific zone should be given like @cut to zone 1)


Thank you so much that seemed to work. Is it normal that when i click on save and preview that i do not see the background? I just see the text i typed


Yeah! Thats because the first background is black one so only text will appear after that you can see club background.


No i only see black background.


Can you post your script here or screenshot?



After epi - 1, leave one line and don’t give space between INT and full stop


Thanks that worked but i think i am going to have the read the tutorials again because these errors are driving me insane


Yeah! Follow joseph evans tutorials you can write the script easily :slightly_smiling_face:


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