Can somebody help me with my description?

I’m making a story called Passion is Just A Fruit.

So basically, on the first day of school, you meet a boy in your class who is intelligent AND cute! You instantly catch feelings for him! You were in a relationship with a torturous boy (long distance). Your parents are sometimes abusive towards you, but your love makes you feel a way you’ve never felt before. Sometimes you think of just telling him, but thinks he already has a girlfriend! Your best friends always ask him if he likes you. One day, Elisha (bestieee) asks him if he likes you and sends a note to you in class. The note says I like you and want to date? You immediately put a smile on your face and accept.

THERE’S MORE but that’s it for now!

My description is “you find yourself in a twist when you catch feelings for a boy you seem to love. With all obstacles, can you explain those feelings to him is passion just a fruit?” can somebody help me!!


I can help you tomorrow :blush:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Freshly out of a complicated long distance relationship, you find yourself falling for a boy in your class. Despite everything going on at home, he makes you feel like the luckiest girl in the world. The only problem? He might have a girlfriend and you’re too shy to ask. You enlist the help of your BFF but will it be enough?

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You long for a safe haven, a protector, someone to chase the demons of your abusive childhood away and hold all your broken pieces together. You’ve found that in the form of a boy, he’s just a little out of reach and the last person you’d want to fall in love with. I only wish someone had told my heart that…:woman_shrugging:t3:
brainstorming tell me what you think :joy:

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i love it!!!

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