Can somebody help me with this?

kick Hey! So I want my character (Sabrina) to kick the other character (Logan). But when she kicks him he turns around? How do I make him face her when she kicks him? This is what I have:
@SABRINA is kick_crotch_give AND LOGAN is kick_crotch_receive_rear

And also I tried with
@SABRINA is kick_crotch_give AND LOGAN faces left AND LOGAN is kick_crotch_receive_rear

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try making him face right.

It works :thinking: thank you!

you’re welcome!

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It’s the opposite with a rear animation. So if their back is facing the reader and they’re tilted towards the left, the rear animation and right direction would be used. If their back is facing the reader and their leaned towards the right, a rear animation with the left direction is used.

Hopefully I didn’t confuse things but yeah, it’s opposite :sweat_drops: :sparkling_heart:

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Thank you! Now it all makes sense :joy:

You’re welcome, they should have made it not the opposite before so we wouldn’t have this confusion but if they change it now, then we’ll have to re-edit our stories and that’s too much work :joy:

Anyways, good luck :black_heart: :heart:

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