Can somebody help me?

What’s this?? Preview can’t play and shows me these codes I do not understand. What shall I do with this??

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Is there an error in your writing of some sort?

it has a pending background approval but that’s it

That might be the problem there, what does the full error say?

actually the background with the error is playing

the next background is the one that’s not playing

You need to restart the page to remove the error, it usually appears when you have some sort of error but if you restart and preview it then I think that should do it :grin:

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okay i’m gonna try logging out then i’ll log in again

aww it’s not working

i’ve done some research, and this error pops up when there’s a teeny tiny error, hidden in your script (that usually doesn’t show up in the error bar)
would you mind sending a screenshot of the end of your script?


wait, i think ive found something

That’s it :frowning:

to create the overlays, you have to do this:
@overlay FF CHAPTER1 create
@overlay FF CHAPTER1 scales to 1 1
@overlay FF CHAPTER1 shifts to 0 0
@overlay FF CHAPTER1 opacity 1

you forgot to put in scale and shifting. you have to do this for every overlay

I also tried placing that script in other episode and other places but it still show the error.

Can you show me the scene where the backgroung “INT. BOKEH1” is?

&overlay FF FEATHER create
&overlay FF FEATHER scales to 1 1
&overlay FF FEATHER shifts to 0 0
&overlay FF FEATHER opacity 1
&overlay FF TITLE create
&overlay FF TITLE scales to 1 1
&overlay FF TITLE shifts to 0 0
&overlay FF TITLE opacity 1

@transition fade in white in 2
@pause for 2
@overlay FF TITLE opacity 0 in 2

&overlay FF CHAPTER1 create
&overlay FF CHAPTER1 scales to 1 1
&overlay FF CHAPTER1 shifts to 0 0
&overlay FF CHAPTER1 opacity 1 in 2

@pause for 1.5
@transition fade out white in 2

delete from line 23 to line 37 and try pasting this

I think I noticed something wrong with the preview.

^^This image shows the preview. The outfit color is not matching with the one below.

^^This is the actual preview in The Outfits.

i think i’ve found the problem.
when using the “@overlay create” command, you have to specify “scales to” , “shifts to” AND opacity right away.