Can somebody make a story cover for my new Limelight Story?

Hey guys so i need somebody to make me a Limelight cover for my story! If anybody see’s this & knows a artist/is one please dm me & i will give you the info!

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Hey I know great art shops : The Unicorn Art shop! 🦄 {OPEN}
Galaxy Arts Shop {Revamped} [OPEN]
The Hershey Official Art Shop 🍫 {OPEN}

Hi! I can make you a cover! :black_heart:

  1. Fill out the form on my Instagram bio - daniepisodewriter
  2. You have to read 3 chapters of my story - Where the Shadows Belong
    Here’s the link for my story:

I can make the limelight cover.

I could try, if you have a Instagram you can see my art on my account @jojo_episode18. I normally draw ink characters but would love to give LL a try. :heart: