Can somebody make me a background?

I need help with a background. I want the background to be bunk beds of sort.
I kinda want it to look like this, but the blankets and pillows are changed to black. If the color can’t be changed, Can someone make me another one similar to this, I want it to have two or four beds, please. If you make this, could you make me a day and a night?
If you do this for me, you will surely be credit.
If you have any questions, just tell me and I’ll answer them as soon as I can!


you should try @abygail.bauman.

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I love it. Can you do this to mine, but make the bed sheets different shades of black?

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Thank you! I think that’s all, if I need anything else, I’ll ask. Can you make a day and night background? It’s okay if you can’t
No, I don’t need at a specific time, just not two weeks from now, you know what I mean?

I’m totally fine with that. Thanks again! :grin:

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