Can somebody make me a cover for my new story?

I have a new story but i dont know how to make covers so can somebody make me a cover

Details about the MC’s
Girl mc
Skin tone~ honey
Eyebrows~ defined natural
Hair style ~ beach wave hair
Hair color~ charcoal
Eye shape~ upturned feline
Eye color~ toffee
Head shape~oval
Nose~ Elven
Lips~full round
Lip color ~terracotta

Male mc
Skin tone ~ tan
Eyebrows ~ thin arch
Hair ~ cropped
Hair color ~ black
Eye shape ~ stoic almond
Eye color ~ white
Face shape ~ defined triangle
Nose ~ button
Lips ~ uneven
Lip color~ terracotta

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Yes! Please visit my art shop and I will get to it when I finish my other request(s)!

Shop link:

Hey I can help make your cover here are my examples:

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do you need a picture?

Just the background and the poses of the characters you want.

You can send one if you want.


And for the poses

girl mc

boy mc

What outfit you want them to wear?

Male mc
Ripped punk pants
Shirt (carbernet)
Skater guy red sneakers
Lady rose tattoo
Gold lion necklace

Girl mc
V neck tee (cherry red)
Skater girl red sneakers
Moon necklace
Dark denim jeans

Ok I’m finished :smile: Did you want anything written on it?

No that will be fine thank you so much :blush: