Can somebody make me an art scene

In my story there will be kind of a fight scene and the MC will fall down and hurt her leg.Then the LI comes and saves her.I wanted an art scene where the LI will hold the MC like this with a wound on her leg

Character details:

Body:Neutral 02
Brow:Arched thin - black dark
Hair:long double dutch braids - black dark
Eyes:female generic - blue green
Nose:defined neutral
Lips:small heart - fair rose matte

Red boyfriend flannel
(PP) oversize outfit shorts denim light blue
Chunky sneakers leather white

Love interest:
Body:Neutral 03
Brow:straight medium - chestnut brown
Hair:medium side curls - dirty blonde
Eyes:male generic - blue deep
Face:male generic
Nose:straight pointed
Lips:medium straight neutral - beige light gold matte

Torn knees jeans denim grey black
Muscle tank pocket cotton grey white
Chunky sneakers leather white
Large studs plastic grey black

I hope I didn’t confuse you all and thank you so much for visiting :grin::joy::two_hearts:


Request here at my artshop, then pm me and i’ll Do it

Thank you so much!!!

Np, just request in the art shop and then i’ll Reply u