Can somebody make the background transparent? 🙏

Hello! I would like somebody to make the background transparent and the table with buckets and potions visible… :pray::sweat::heart:




Where did you get this picture, because it looks like Snape’s Potion’s room?

Yeah but I’m just gonna take the table.

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But that can still be copyrighted, I know, it’s dumb. When using sites like Google and Pinterest, please use caution . Most of the time, images are copyrighted and you can get fined, or on Pinterest, background creators might not even know their background is on Pinterest without them knowing it.
Instead, use free site like or .


I still really suggest you don’t try to use anything Harry Potter related.
Whether from the movie scenes or studio tours, all of this is likely to have copyrights involved like I explained to you on your previous post. There’s plenty of images on the sites that you can use images from, and if you can’t find what you need you can ask that it gets made for you. But just taking chunks from an image rather than using the entire thing, doesn’t make it safe to use.


Can you give me credit in your story?

u cant take things from that background. It is copyright.