Can somebody review the story I’m working on?

I been having the idea of this story for a while and I finally brought myself to write it, I’ve had a lot of issues because I was new and the codings for the episode portal were a little confusing, but I think I’ve finally got the hang of it (kind of).
Anyway, I would really appreciate if anyone could give me an honest review of my story


Can’t wait to hear ur feed back ! :heart:

It looks good!!!
When Aria asks “So there was Vampires and werewolves?” Was needs to be changed to were

Hi! My name is Dani! I’m doing reviews on my Instagram! :blush: So, if you’re interesting in an honest review, fill out the form in my Instagram bio! Here’s my Instagram: daniepisodewriter :black_heart:


  • Fill out the form on my Instagram bio
  • The review will be as many episodes as you have read of my story.
  • For example: If you read 3 episodes of my story (Where the Shadows Belong) , I’ll review the first 3 episodes of your story. Send me proof of reading.
  • Maximum: 4 episodes
  • I don’t review stories I’ve already read.
    Here’s the link for my story:

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