Can somebody tell me how to create a video call scene (PLEASE HELP!)

Can someone assist I want to create/code a video call scene with something like this:

it’s all about the overlays and character placement

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Right I think I figure that part out but how do I place the character and bg in the box and not have it showing in the scenes bg?

i always resize my characters and place the the character behind over another overlay- not sure if that made sense-

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Okay so for clarification:

  1. I only need one location bg overlay which is the one that’ll be in the box (black)?
  2. I layer/direct spot my character whose going in the box behind the box(black)?
  3. How do I make the box (black) transparent?

exactly! and you can just simply lower the opacity in the script

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Okay but what I’m a making the opacity low on the bg for the box(black)?
And do I need to make the box (black) transparent and if so do you know how?

Do you have a example script I can take a look at?

You’ll know if the overlay is transparent png bc if the screen is grey on the overlay from the writing portal.

So I have to have a transparent bg and/or transparent box?

For the black screen, it needs to be an overlay so it can be transparent, for the background, you don’t have to make it an overlay.

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Do you have a example spot direct/layer coding you can show me? I would really appreciated it am still confused

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Well for the layering, you’ll have to put the phone call icons in front of the original phone call overlay.

Check this out, it might help you

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I’ve watched this already the part I’m struggling with is how do I get the one character in the box (black) and not show in the background with the other character. That’s the part I need help with that’s not covered in this video.

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sorry for not responding earlier- but you’ll need to make it as an overlay

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Okay both characters bg should be overlays?

Never mind I figured it out I had to cut out a square in my background. Thanks everyone for your help.

Screenshot 2021-10-23 4.03.31 PM