Can somene make me a DRAWN cover art?

can someone do drawn art for me i need cover (small and large) for my new story Once We Meet
here is what they are wearing


Body-neural 02

Brow-Arched medium black jet

Hair-medium side curls medium brown

Eyes-hooded almond blue deep

Face- chiseled angular

Nose-button round

Lips-medium heart beige rose


Body-neutral 01

Brow-Arched thick styled deep brown

Hair-bouffant Long wavy platinum blonde

Eyes-Deepset mature blue aqua

Face-Hard defined

Nose-Grecian soft

Lips-Full heart pouty beige rose

this is the back ground i want

and this is the pose i want

unnamed (5)

i want them standing like in the first pic and i DONT want them kissing i just want them to be looking at eachothe and i want the girl leg up in the air like in the second pic

i really want my cover to look like this so if anyone can plzzz message me!

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Hey, if you are still looking for someone check out Emily’s Art Shop {open} I am new at drawing so it may not be the best but I would love to give it a go, if you are interested read my rules and put this request in my shop.