Can someon give me some INK outlines?


I want to “try” coloring.




Ye I can give you some.


Oh thanks xxx that would be awesome xxx


Do you know a free program for ipad too? xxx


Ibis paint x


How are you given me the Ink templates ??? xxx


Is that a program for pc or tablet and is it free? xx


It is for your tablet or your iphone. And yes, it is free.


tablet Ipad apple xxx But i need INK outlines ( but i am still waithing for my pencil grrr )
But i want one that you can add glitter and sprankels xxx


hello someone there?


Are those good?


Thank you xxx


they are a bit little i hope they will big enough for my ipad xxx but i can change the size or can i not xxx


here! ik
it’s not good tho


Thanks xxx