Can someon make me this


I need a modern chamber for a villa night and they and then a background off the bed only and an overlay off the sheets.

thanks xxx


Can you explain I’m a bit confused? Do you mean a modern bedroom in a villa. At night and an background at the angle of on top of the bed and a sheer overlay?


this one I already use but it is a loft so I need a bedroom a stylish modern one. with a real bed that you see and sheets and sheets like this

this in jpg
then the bed alone like this also jpg

and then the sheet to pull over the characters in png so transparent as an overlay.

Do you understand know what i try to say xxx




Do you want me to replace that bed and the stairs so it isn’t a loft and you can still use it?


no the people will see it I want the colors black and white, white sheets black cushions and the sheet black and
the bottom sheet white xxx


So you want a new bedroom with a black and white theme?


yes with the bed seperate too as a background and a sheet as overlay xxx


Ahh. K


can you or can you not? xxx


I can.


Oh thank you , you are an angel xxxx


Episode harmony can




Any progres yet on my backgrounds and the thing i want to let make xxx


I have found this bed:

now I need sheets and a bottom sheet in the same colors and a cover in an overlay Let’s say red but that I can make myself so the bed as background with the bottom sheets in red and white and the cushions in that same color all as a background.

still need already a month!
-A mansion from the outside
-from the backside with a pool a little table with chairs and some coctails and 2 chairs to lay down
-A hall

  • A dining room
  • A living room
    -A kitchen
    And a bedroom

please help me i need it for my future episode…