Can someone be my writing partner without ghosting me😩

Can someone please be my writing partner and don’t ghost me cause everytime I get a writing partner they just ghost me

I don’t know the plot yet so we can come up with that

But I know I want the genre to be drama/romance with a little bit of comedy

I would appreciate it if someone would help x

Sure that sounds fun.

So you want to help?

Sure I guess completly up to you.

Giiiiirl! Please choose me! I am looking for a partner too! I wont ghost promise! I got a plot too!

Okay I would love for your help.

FOR REAL! YAY! Thank you so much!

Your welcome, when would you like to start ?

whenever you want

Okay, we can start right now if you want I’m so excited to work with you to make a story.

Ok me too! lets start!

Where shall we go to start?

:flushed: uh I don’t know

i’ve never written with somebody before

Uhhhhh we can pm on forums


Uh do you know how to start a pm?