Can someone change these day to night

Hello can someone change these into night time?

I’m really sorry that this is bad but this is my first time

This is my first Time trying it, And It didn’t work. The text is really blurry. I’m sorry.


Where did you get these backgrounds? @episode.rose7
If I can use these backgrounds do I have to credit anyone?

yes credit ‘j.miley.stories’ on instagram and also credit whoever is turning it into night. :slight_smile:

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Ok, I will make my own night versions. Thanks! I will credit him/her as well.

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you can do it yourself in-game by turning down the hsl

in the web or mobile previewer open up these things in order:
1.) “directing helper”
2.) “filters helper”
3.) turn the “lightness” down

Visual Help

just don’t forget to copy the code and put it into your script

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